Design a car in ‘Gran Turismo 7’ and get to race Bring Me The Horizon

Polyphony Digital has announced a livery design competition for Gran Turismo 7. Winners will have their design featured in-game.

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Gran Turismo 7 players have the opportunity to design a themed car livery based around musical artists and then race against them. The featured artists are Bring Me The Horizon, Davido and T-Pain with YouTubers Unspeakable and Grefg also taking part.

Players need to design a car in the Livery Editor within Gran Turismo 7, which must also be inspired by one of the above artists. They must then capture an image of the car using the Scapes feature or Race Photo tools. The image should then be shared on Instagram or Twitter, tag the artist or creator the livery has been designed for, and include the hashtag #GT7DesignCompetition.

After this, each artist will judge the designs they have been sent and select a winner. The winning entry will be showcased in Gran Turismo 7 for two weeks, and the player that submitted the entry will also get to race against the person they designed for.

dEsIGn yOuR oWN bMTh cAr iN gRAn tURiSm0 7, sHArE iT wITh #GT7designcompetition aND tAg uS. wE’LL cHoOsE oUr fAvoURIte t0 bE sH0WcaSeD iN-gAmE aNd eVen rAcE aGAiNsT YOu.

c0mP cLOsEs mArcH 23rD @PlayStation @thegranturismo

mOrE iNFo #PlaystationPartner

— Bring Me The Horizon (@bmthofficial) March 11, 2022

The competition is open now and will run until March 23. Tips for the competition are available in an announcement on the Playstation blog.

Recently, patch 1.06 was released for Gran Turismo 7. It added wind direction and speed indicators and included 64 music tracks. Several bug fixes were also implemented, which addressed problems with progression blocks and the Manu Book not updating correctly.

Bring Me The Horizon recently won Best Band In The UK supported by Pizza Express award at the BandLab NME Awards 2022. They also performed a six-song set at the event.

In other news, the Dead Space remake has received a release window in the latest livestream. The stream focused on the audio design of the remake, including how sound will reverberate down hallways and be blocked by solid objects such as walls.

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