Jackson Wang wants to be a “bridge” for music between the “East and the West”

Jackson Wang has opened up about his thoughts on the global music industry and how he wishes to connect the East and the West.

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In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Wang, who is also a member of K-pop boyband GOT7, spoke about the gap between music from the East and West, and how he feels music can help cultures transcend borders.

“I think music itself is art, like more than regions, its music,” explained Wang, who was born in Hong Kong. “The reason I’m here, just going traveling everywhere, trying to share my music. I hope one day I can connect East and the West as a bridge, you know?”

Wang added that his hope is to eventually see both regions have an awareness of each other, one that extends beyond the music industry. “For the people in the East, knowing that, ‘Oh, this is really what’s happening in the West’, more than music,” Wang said.


“And the same way around, West in the East,” the singer added. “This is what I’ve been trying to do and what I believe in.”

Earlier this month, Wang voiced his admiration for his peers in the K-pop industry, namely BTS and BLACKPINK. I respect them in art. The direction that they’re going, me as an audience watching, I’m proud,” he said.

Last month, Wang released a brand-new English-language single called ‘Blow’. That song came shortly after Wang dropped the mixtape ‘LOST & FOUND’, which comprised eight old songs he had previously recorded but left unreleased.

According to a press statement, ‘Blow’ is the first look at Wang’s “Magic Man” persona, as hinted at the end of the music video. The persona will act as the main inspiration for the creation and direction of his forthcoming album of the same name.

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