Machine Gun Kelly goes undercover as reporter, gets insulted to his face

Machine Gun Kelly went undercover to find out what people really think of him. Watch the sketch below.

In a sketch for last night’s (April 6) episode of Jimy Kimmel Live! MGK, whose real name is Colson Barker, put on a wig, covered his tattoos, and wore glasses to create a disguise he said looked like “the profile picture of all the people who hate me.”

“I’m not a huge fan,” one person responded when Barker asked, “How do you feel about Machine Gun Kelly?” The person then added: “I think his new direction is a little forced.”

Another unexpecting interviewee said that though they liked his music they found the whole “blood-drinking thing unusual.”

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During the segment, he also had his hair compared to Ellen Degeneres’ and was told not to “sacrifice a goat” after his upcoming nuptials. One person also described him as a “wannabe emo”.

One fan had a positive perspective, saying they “really digged the last album” before revelating that they knew it was Barker undercover.

MGK is no stranger to being called a “wannabe”. He recently spoke to Billboard, about the backlash he received after pivoting from rap to pop-punk. “I know it kills certain bands in that community that I got the success that I got,” he said, adding: “But I earned that shit.”

In a four-star review of his sixth studio album, ‘Mainstream Sellout’, NME said it was “driven by a relatable sense of angst and outsider anthems which will continue to speak to the millions who see Machine Gun Kelly as the saviour of punk rock. For better or worse, Baker makes no attempts to convert those who still doubt him, though.”

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