Mark Tuan reveals he thought about “giving up” music after GOT7 left JYP Entertainment

Mark Tuan has revealed that he considered stepping away from music following the boyband’s departure from JYP Entertainment.

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In his recent appearance on Cosmopolitan’s ‘Nobody Asked’ YouTube series, the Taiwanese-American star opened up about rethinking his music career after leaving South Korea. The singer had returned to his hometown of Los Angeles, California in early 2021 following GOT7’s departure from longtime agency JYP Entertainment.

“After moving back last year, I really thought about just giving up and not working on music anymore,” Tuan admitted. “I don’t know if it was because I wanted to take a break, or if I was just completely done.”

However, the singer later conceded that he is “glad” that he continued with his music career, noting that he is “having a lot of fun making music right now too”. He also added that it “feel[s] like I still have a lot that I want to show people”.

Elsewhere in the interview, the GOT7 star revealed that the “hardest moment” he had to overcome was his time as a K-pop trainee in South Korea. “I felt like I was lacking, a lot, compared to everybody else that was there,” the singer confessed. “I just felt that I didn’t fit in.”

Last month, Tuan unveiled his new single ‘lonely’ alongside a moody visualiser clip, which acted as the follow-up to January’s ‘My Life’. The track was one of two new songs Tuan had previously teased on Twitter. His next single, titled ‘save me’, is set to arrive later this week on April 7 at 12am EST.

The new tracks are the third and fourth solo singles from Tuan since he made his first foray into English music as a soloist in November 2021 with ‘Last Breath’. That single was subsequently followed up by the song ‘My Life’, which was released in January.

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