P1Harmony postpone remaining US tour dates after catching COVID-19

K-pop boyband P1Harmony have postponed the remaining dates of their ongoing US tour after their staff and several members tested positive for COVID-19.

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Today (March 22), concert organiser SubKulture Entertainment took to Twitter to announce the news. It revealed that five of the boyband’s members, excluding Intak, along with their staff had recently contracted the coronavirus.

As a result, the remaining dates of ‘2022 P1Harmony Live Tour [P1ustage H : PEACE]’, which includes dates in Chicago, Denver, San Jose and Los Angeles, have been postponed and will be rescheduled.

“We ask for your kind patience as we navigate these abrupt changes and find ways to adjust in light of these developments,” wrote SubKulture, which also apologised to fans who had taken time off or travelled in order to attend the concerts.

Postponement announcement for remaining cities of #P1HARMONYinUSA pic.twitter.com/SDiLkFx8bM

— SubKulture Entertainment (@SubKultureEnt) March 22, 2022

SubKulture also emphasised that it had done its utmost to enforce strict COVID-19 protocols throughout the tour, including providing hand sanitisers and masks for concert-goers, but were “unable to force certain venue staff members to stay masked” due to local state-wide mask mandates being lifted.

“Despite our efforts, we’ve once again realised how unpredictable and ever-changed COVID-19 is, and we strong urge everyone to remain vigilant and stay safe,” it added.

P1Harmony’s ‘2022 P1Harmony Live Tour [P1ustage H : PEACE]’ kicked off with its first show in Seoul, Korea back in February. The group have since performed in New York, Washington D.C., Miami and Houston over the past two weeks, before testing positive for COVID-19.

In 2021, during an interview with NMEP1Harmony shared their goals of taking baby steps towards producing their own music, which includes an album that features writing and producing credits from all the members.

“I feel like, one day, our goal is really just making an album that we produced all by ourselves, wrote all by ourselves, thought of all by ourselves,” member Keeho explained. “We’re just taking baby steps to get closer to that goal.”

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