Watch ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant mistake Beck for Ed Sheeran

A contestant on Jeopardy! mistook a picture of Beck for Ed Sheeran during a recent episode of the US game show.

David Sibley, the current reigning champion of the long-running show, buzzed in when he and his fellow contestants were shown a picture of Beck.

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Responding to the category ‘One-Name Rockstars’, Sibley answered “Who’s Ed Sheeran” after buzzing in.

“No,” Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings replied, to Sibley’s dismay. “Remember the category. He’s Ed Sheeran-like, but that’s Beck.” You can watch the full clip over on Stereogum.

The REIGNING CHAMP on #Jeopardy today just buzzed in SO CONFIDENTLY to say “Ed Sheeran” when shown this picture of Beck in the category “One-Name Rockstars.”
Readers, I shrieked.

— cjoanporter (@cjoanporter) September 29, 2022

Back in January, another Jeopardy! contestant mistook Arcade Fire for Nickelback during a round of the game show.

In December, meanwhile, a Jeopardy! clue about Machine Gun Kelly was met with silence when all three contestants had no idea whose stage name had been recently “shortened to MGK”.

Earlier this week, Neil Young appeared to take issue with Beck’s recent cover of ‘Old Man’. Beck’s rendition, which featured in an advert for NFL on NBC Sports, was met with an Instagram post from Young, which featured a still from his anti-sponsorship video for the 1988 song ‘This Note’s For You’ where Young is seen holding a bottle labelled “SPONSORED BY NOBODY”.

As Pitchfork notes, Young may have lost the right to veto sponsorship deals for his songs, including ‘Old Man’, when he sold half of his catalogue to Hipgnosis in 2021. That includes the copyright and income interests for approximately 1,180 songs.

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